The stomach is an acidic environment and friendly bacteria need to be able to survive this to reach the microbiota in the intestines.

Is Eczema a gut issue?

Eczema gut health issues examined More than two-thirds of our immune system is housed in our gut, meaning that the digestive tract is key to

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Gut-friendly holiday tips from our in-house nutritionist, Adrienne Benjamin - ProVen Probiotics

Gut friendly holiday tips

Gut-friendly Holiday Tips When travelling you need to ensure that your gut is ready for not just the change of scenery, but more importantly the

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Exercise and gut health for a healthy life - ProVen Probiotics

Is exercise good for your gut?

Exercise and gut health Looking after our gut involves both diet and lifestyle – including eating healthily, staying hydrated and managing stress and sleep. The

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Gut bacteria and IBS need to work together for a healthy gut | Pro-Ven Probiotics

Does gut bacteria cause IBS?

Gut bacteria and IBS Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common digestive disorders, defined by recurring episodes of abdominal pain and changes

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Gut-Brain Connection with Probiotics where good bacteria affects mental health - ProVen

Gut-Brain Connection

Is there a gut-brain connection? Have you ever had an anxious feeling in your gut? Wondered if there is a gut-brain connection? Or felt angry,

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