Exercising to support your gut

Young woman exercising to support her gut - ProVen Probiotics

We all know that poor digestion can affect our mood – if our gut is ‘off’, we can feel uncomfortable, bloated and lethargic and it can also affect our bowel movements.

Whilst there is clear evidence to show that exercise supports mood, researchers have also shown that regular exercise can affect the gut microbiota, changing its composition by increasing the good bacteria strains.

And whilst all exercise is beneficial, some exercises can specifically support digestion and gut health.

·      Regular cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, running and cycling can help to improve digestive transit time.

·      Sit-ups, crunches and other exercises that squeeze the abdominal muscles can help to eliminate gas.

·      Stretching exercises and certain yoga poses can support the digestive organs. (Try our yoga poses for great digestion here)

·      Deep breathing can help with muscle relaxation and stress management and thus aid digestion.