Free-From Heaven Recommend ProVen Adult 25 Billion

With food allergies becoming more and more common, ‘free-from’ recipes, products and diets are becoming ever more popular and available. Free-From Heaven magazine is the UK’s only magazine dedicated to free-from cooking and baking.

In the latest issue, Free-From Heaven’s summary of the Best and Worst foods for your digestion includes ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus 25 Billion as the go-to daily live culture supplement in the list of foodstuffs that are good for your gut.

The Lab4 strains of friendly bacteria used in ProVen Adult 25 Billion are both dairy and gluten free. They work to balance the microbes in the gut, thus supporting digestion and absorption of nutrients and the general function of the gut.

Around half of the UK population are estimated to suffer from a sensitivity to food. Unlike food allergies, which produce a fast immune reaction to a specific food that can be life-threatening, food intolerance involves a much slower reaction to foods eaten. The reaction may occur hours or days later and can have a variety of symptoms, including bloating, stomach pain and skin rashes.

Food intolerance symptoms have been linked to imbalanced gut bacteria, which can ferment food residues in the intestines and produce symptoms. Probiotics help to replace some of the good bacteria in the gut and thus re-balance the microbiota and may help to reduce food intolerance symptoms.