Gut friendly ideas for topping your pancakes

As today is pancake day, there are pancake recipes all over social media today, so we thought we’d focus on some healthy toppings built around supporting gut health.

Sweet or savoury? Take your pick and enjoy…


Vegetables contain dietary fibre, which supports digestion and helps feed the friendly bacteria. Some vegetables, such as leeks, are particularly beneficial as they contain specific prebiotic fibre.

  • Leeks in cheese sauce – leeks provide prebiotic fibre to feed your friendly bacteria
  • Bacon, walnuts and maple syrup – walnuts contain dietary fibre to aid digestion
  • Spinach and poached/scrambled egg – spinach contains fibre and the eggs provide protein and sulphur to support detoxification
  • Cottage cheese, chopped pineapple and mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) – cottage cheese provides probiotics, pineapple supports digestion and seeds contain fibre to support digestion
  • Feta cheese with sundried tomatoes and sliced avocado – feta contains probiotics and both tomatoes and avocado both contain fibre
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese and chopped cucumber – omega 3 fatty acids found in smoked salmon can support gut health
  • Passata, goat’s cheese and spinach – goat’s cheese contains probiotics and cooked tomatoes contain compounds that help protect the gut
Gut friendly ideas for filling you pancakes
Gut friendly ideas for topping you pancakes


The fruit in all of these suggestions also includes fibre to help feed the friendly bacteria in our guts and the other ingredients have been selected to provide additional gut support.

  • Stewed apples and cinnamon – stewed apples are one of our favourite gut-supporting foods thanks to the pectin released in stewing
  • Kefir and mixed berries – kefir is fermented and contains billions of friendly bacteria
  • Plain live Greek yoghurt, blueberries and honey – live greek yoghurt is rich in friendly bacteria
  • Bananas with melted dark chocolate – bananas provide prebiotic fibre and dark chocolate is high in cocoa, providing flavonoids and polyphenols, which are good for your gut bacteria
  • Strawberry or raspberry chia seed jam – healthy, home-made jam with fibre from the fruit and chia seeds
  • Fresh berries with maple syrup
  • Berries or cherries stewed in a little water to make a compote
  • Almond butter, almond flakes, raspberries and honey – almonds are great choice for increasing dietary fibre