Your gut as your immune system

Did you know that around 70% of your immune system lives in your gut?

And one of the key immune functions our gut performs is to regulate the particles that pass through our intestinal lining into our bloodstream and body.

A healthy digestive tract will allow minuscule particles of digested food and nutrients to pass through the gut wall and will keep out larger food particles and pathogens.

If the gut wall is damaged, these large food particles and pathogens can enter the blood, where they are treated as foreign invaders by the body, which produces an immune reaction that causes inflammation and pain.

The Power of Your Immune Systems starts in the Gut

This can lead to the body to have an immune reaction to a wide range of particles (including foods) that it sees as potential invaders and this can result in chronic ongoing inflammation and pain in the gut and throughout the body, often manifesting as joint (arthritis) or skin (acne, eczema) conditions.

Supporting the gut can help to reduce this and ensuring you have an abundance of healthy gut bacteria is a key element of this support. Friendly bacteria latch on to attachment sites on the gut wall and help to form a protective barrier that only allows the smallest particles through.

Ensuring you have enough friendly bacteria in your digestive tract ensures that the gut wall is covered and also helps to prevent the more pathogenic types of bacteria from attaching to the available sites and causing further problems in the integrity of the barrier.