International Father’s Mental Health Day (IFMHD)

International Father’s Mental Health Day for parental depression - ProVen Probiotics

Postnatal depression among mums is still a challenging topic, but the impact of parenting on dads is a subject that is rarely discussed.

First launched in 2016, IFMHD aims to give voice to issues men face as they become fathers.

Reports state that up to 10% of new dads experience paternal postpartum depression and this increases to 50% if the mum is depressed. Where the birth is traumatic it can have a particularly devastating effect on dads and is even believed to lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in some.

As dads are expected to support mums in this period, it can be doubly difficult for them, trying to be strong for everybody and faced with the stigma of admitting that they are struggling.

Engaging fathers on this issue can be tough as a result of this stigma, and there are currently no services available to specifically support dads dealing with postnatal depression.

As a society, we need to identify the best ways to engage fathers and to encourage them to seek help. The start point might be to encourage them to focus on practical day-to-day tasks that can help to support the whole family, including:

Focussing on buying and preparing nutritious foods and eating healthily

Working out a timetable for both mum and dad to have some time alone as individuals and as a couple

Scheduling time for exercise and/or outdoor activity – walking with the baby may be a start-point

Identifying some key supplements that can help to support overall health and specifically brain health and mood

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