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Kids and Playground Bugs

Viruses are spread by direct and indirect contact with other people, surfaces and objects. They are more likely to be spread by children as they are less likely to wash their hands properly or to put their hands over their mouths when coughing and sneezing.

Kids are also much more likely to be in close contact with each other than adults, to share toys and games and to put their hands to the face and mouths more frequently. Finally, children’s immune systems may not be fully developed and inactivity and staying indoors during the winter months can also contribute to the spread of bugs.

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Antibiotics and Probiotics

Whilst antibiotics are designed to destroy bacterial infections, they have no impact on viruses. Furthermore, antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but also destroy the friendly bacteria in our guts that our bodies require to maintain a balanced digestive system and support immunity.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can help to replenish gut bacteria if antibiotics are required to deal with a bacterial infection. They can be found in some foods, such as plain live yoghurt and fermented vegetables and can also be taken in supplement form.

Friendly bacteria are also helpful on a daily basis alongside a healthy varied diet and adequate sleep to support the body in fighting viral infections. Taking the probiotics alongside adequate water intake and a variety of fruits and vegetables, fish and eggs, which contain key nutrients (including vitamins C and D, zinc and selenium) can help to support immunity and protect against future viruses.

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