Why is it important to take probiotics with food?

Should I take probiotics with food?

Probiotics should always be taken with food.

If they are not taken alongside food, 90-95% of the bacteria will die in the stomach acid.

When the stomach is empty, it is typically very acidic (1.8-2.6 pH) and this will kill the friendly probiotic bacteria.

When we eat, acid is produced to digest the food, but this acid is neutralised by the food and consequently the pH of the stomach rises to 3.5-4.2. At this pH, the probiotic bacteria are able to survive and pass through the stomach to the intestines, where they are required to support a balanced microflora.

Some probiotics are enteric coated, which protects the contents of the capsule when passing through the stomach. At ProVen Probiotics, we have the ability to enteric coat, but we choose not to as the enteric coating then has to dissolve in the small intestine, the capsule has to be broken down and the contents of the capsule released and activated to start colonising. As the small intestine doesn’t have the pummelling action or the acidity of the stomach and the transit time through the small intestine is only 2-4 hours, it is unlikely that the enteric coating will be broken down in time for the probiotics to have an effect.

Instead, our ProVen Probiotics are provided in a variety of formats that are designed to travel through the stomach with food and to disintegrate as they do so, ready for use in the intestines – the powders and chewable tablets disintegrate immediately and the capsules disintegrate within 30 minutes.

When taken alongside food, the bacteria travel with the food through the stomach acid to the small intestine - hence the recommendation that our products are always taken alongside food.

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