Passion for Fresh Ideas - How to banish your sweet tooth in 2015

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Parties, dinners, drinks – all in the name of festive fun. Even though you’ve eaten mountains of chocolates and puddings, it still feels like you could have one more with your tea…. Well, there is a reason for that…Sugar!  The sweet stuff not only makes you feel better and gives you a quick boost of energy, but it is also very addictive!

Sugar addiction is one of the worst enemies – according to research it is four times more addictive than cocaine! And it is also very harmful. Symptoms of sugar overload can result in energy dips, poor skin, obesity, diabetes, premature aging and many other chronic health conditions. Fat was traditionally blamed for many of these problems, but sugar is now shown to be far more harmful than fat. For this reason, and simply to feel or look healthier, many of us are taking the positive decision to cut out or drastically reduce the amount of sugar in our diets. But overcoming this addiction is next to impossible with willpower alone.