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The science and research behind ProVen Probiotics and insight into the latest developments in our understanding of the role of live bacteria in health.

ProVen Probiotics contain the research-backed Lab4 and Lab4b consortia of live bacteria.
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ProVen Probiotics are supported by a large body of research undertaken over the past 15 years.
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Dr Nigel Plummer is a world-renowned probiotics expert, who started working in this field more than 30 years ago and established Cultech Ltd in 1994.

Research is at the heart of Cultech's success and we employ a team of 20 research scientists and spend around £500,000 a year on research into the use of probiotics and other nutritional compounds to support health.

Lab4 is the proprietary group of probiotics produced by Cultech and used in the ProVen Probiotics range. It is supported by robust and rigorous testing and extensive research in vitro, in animals and in human clinical trials.

This legacy and the research we have carried out into the ProVen products over the past 15 years mean that we are confident in the efficacy of our probiotics across an increasing number of health conditions.

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