Simple wellbeing ideas that we can all achieve

Woman relaxing - simple well-being ideas from ProVen Probiotics

At work:

1)    Get a standing desk

2)    Get up and walk around at least once every hour

3)    Take regular screen breaks

4)    Take meditation or breathing breaks

5)    Get outside in your lunch break (maybe even do some exercise)

6)    Work flexible hours (and maybe one day at home each week)

7)    Aim to drink 8 glasses of water during the work day

At home:

1)    Sleep 7-8 hours every night

2)    Build a relaxation corner

3)    Embrace nature – bring the outside in with flowers, plants and greenery

4)    Declutter

5)    Walk barefoot in nature – in your garden, in the park or on a beach

6)    Get active – full-on exercise, a brisk walk, gardening or dancing in the kitchen to your favourite music

7)    Cook and eat your favourite food – mindfully prepare and savour the tastes and feelings of enjoyment

Out and about:

1)    Attend an exercise-based class – yoga, meditation, pilates, aerobics, salsa, horse-riding – whatever piques your interest that day

2)    Book in for activity-based classes – pottery, painting, knitting, singing

3)    Go on a nature walk (maybe in the rain)

4)    Visit a museum, watch a play or film

5)    Ride a bike

6)    Visit your favourite restaurant

7)    Sit in the park and read a (physical) book for at least one hour