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ProVen Probiotics Subscription Plans

How to Subscribe and Save

Remembering to re-order your supplements each month can be difficult. Our subscription service is designed to make sure you always have your favourite supplement replenished before you run out.

ProVen Probiotic Products

Choose Your Product

Select the product you wish to subscribe to and click through to the product page. All packs containing 28 or 30 days supply are available on subscription.

ProVen Probiotics Subscription Plans

Choose Your Plan

On your chosen product page, select an option from ‘Choose Pack Size’ - 1 pack or 3 packs:

For a monthly subscription, select ‘1 Pack'
• Select 'Monthly subscription' and the Subscribe and Save price will appear
• Update the quantity of monthly subscriptions you require and Add to Basket

• For a 3-monthly subscription select '3 packs' in 'Choose Pack Size'
• Next, select '3-monthly subscription' and the Subscribe and Save price will appear
• Update the quantity of 3-monthly subscriptions you require and Add to Basket

Checkout your products with ProVen Probiotics


When you click on 'Add to Basket', you will be directed to your shopping basket where you can follow the steps to checkout and pay or click 'Continue Shopping' to select more products to add to your basket.