Support your gut, Support your health

If your digestive system is working well, you are probably not aware of it…but if it is underperforming, you are likely to have symptoms…from IBS symptoms to allergies, IBD to exhaustion, acne to eczema.

Gut symptoms can result from a range of contributing factors – including antibiotics and other medications, alcohol, stress, over-exercise, food allergies, oral contraception, inadequate liver function and poor eating habits.

All of these factors can lead to gut inflammation and what is known as leaky gut and this can affect how well we digest and absorb the nutrients from our food and impact on our health in general.


Here are three key strategies to support your gut – add them to your new year’s resolutions and you will notice a difference this year:


Stress management

We all face stress on a daily basis, but how we handle it is key to how our body responds physically. Get enough sleep, breathe deeply, exercise, take a break, talk to someone and try relaxation techniques such as meditation.


A wholefood diet

Eating a diet of vegetables, fruit, fibre, protein and adequate water and removing processed foods can help to support gut motility and provide the nutrients required to support gut health – and hence, health in general.


Balancing your gut bacteria

A diverse wholefood diet will help to support the good bacteria, as will adding fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi), reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners, eating prebiotic foods (garlic, leeks, onions) and taking a daily probiotic supplement.