Why choose ProVen Probiotics?

Why choose ProVen Probiotics?

Not all probiotics are equal - the group of bacteria used in ProVen Probiotics is the most studied in the UK and has been involved in research into all of the following areas:
  • Immunity helping to reduce allergy and coughs and colds
  • Digestion – supporting those with IBS and other digestive symptoms
  • Antibiotics – support gut bacteria balance alongside antibiotic use
  • Mood – linked to anxiety and attention span
  • Performance – working with triathletes and ultra-marathon runners

ProVen Probiotics have also been shown to be completely safe to use during pregnancy and with newborn babies.

Aveida ★★★★★

“Suffering really bad attack of IBS. Within 3 days of taking these my stomach had settled down and was better that it had been in years"

Hristina ★★★★★

"I'm full of energy I feel healthier and I don't have problems with my stomach. Thank you Proven, you make me happy!"

Choose ProVen Probiotics To Help Get Your Gut In Gear

Our products work to support gut health, which helps to support all other aspects of health

If our digestive tract is not working, we will find it difficult to digest and absorb nutrients from our food, potentially leading to decreased energy and mood, IBS symptoms, reduced immunity and diminished performance in many areas of our lives.

Probiotics are strains of 'good' bacteria, which can help to support bacterial balance in the gut. They can be found in some foods but are more easily found in large amounts in probiotic supplements.

Clinical studies have shown ProVen Probiotics may help to support mood, digestion, immunity and athletic performance.



Around 70% of our immune system is found in our gut and the gut bacteria have been shown to play a key role in gut health.

Evidence suggests that in supporting gut health, good bacteria have a role in supporting the immune system. Research into ProVen Probiotics supports this.

When children took ProVen Probiotics Fit for School for six months during school term time,, absenteeism from school was reduced by 30%.

And ProVen Probiotics were also used in the Swansea Baby Study with more than 450 mother-baby pairs, carried out over five years.



We need our digestive system functioning optimally if we are to be able to digest and absorb the nutrients from our food and keep our bodies functioning properly. Balanced gut bacteria is part of a healthy digestive system.

ProVen Probiotics have been used in research into IBS and other digestion-related issues.



When we are not feeling great physically, we often don’t feel great mentally and this can result in low mood, anxiety and decreased overall mental performance.

The last few years have seen increased interest in and understanding of the link between the gut and the brain – known as the gut-brain axis. It is now understood that gut function can impact brain function and vice versa.

As research into this subject increases, ProVen Probiotics have also identified this as an area of interest.



The impact of a healthy gut on athletic performance is a new area of research and is currently linked to the way in which good gut health affects general health.

This is another area of research that ProVen Probiotics is involved in with some interesting results.

Choose ProVen Probiotics By Lifestage

We also tailor our products to a person's life stage by adjusting the bacteria mix and adding extra nutrients that are specifically suited to your age or sex.



How are ProVen Probiotics different?

ProVen Probiotics contain the unique Lab4 probiotic strains. This group of strains is one of the very few probiotic cultures that have been rigourously studied over the past 15 years to demonstrate consistent health benefits ranging from allergy prevention in infants to reduction of all symptoms (bloating, pain, discomfort) in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Other studies conducted at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge have shown that Lab4 can reduce the levels of ‘bad bacteria’ following antibiotic treatment, as well as reducing the incidence of diarrhoea caused by the ‘superbug’ Clostridium difficile.

ProVen Probiotics have also been developed based upon 30 years of research and development in probiotic bacteria and products. As well as the Lab4 bacteria, the team of scientists behind ProVen Probiotics have identified a process to add other nutrients, such as vitamins and immune enhancing ingredients such as elderberry, to the supplements without destabilising the Lab4 bacteria.

As a result, ProVen Probiotics offers a range of products that include continuously researched live bacteria and key nutrients to support health.

Can you take too much friendly bacteria?

No, it is virtually impossible to overdose on probiotics. We all have billions (some estimates say trillions) of ‘friendly’ bacteria in our body and these are constantly being replaced. ProVen Probiotics containing Lab4 strains of friendly bacteria can help this replacement process and support a balanced microflora. Taking very large amounts may mildly increase frequency of bowel movement.

How can I identify a good probiotic supplement?

The European Consensus, taken in 2004, outlines a number of criteria to help people distinguish good quality probiotics as follows:

  • Have clinically proven health benefits demonstrated using rigorous scientific trials (randomised, double blind, and placebo controlled designed trials).
  • Are alive and reach the gut in sufficient number, surviving gastric and bile acid and digestive enzymes during the gastro-intestinal transit until they reach the gut.
  • Are clearly defined using modern biological detection methods.
  • Are clearly labeled, including the genus (eg. Lactobacillus), the strain e.g acidophilus Cul -21) and amount e.g 10 billion.
  • Are shelf stable, thus guaranteeing delivery of the quantity of probiotic until the date of expiry.

ProVen Probiotics containing Lab4 probiotic strains satisfy all these criteria.

Are ProVen Probiotics natural?

Yes, the friendly bacteria used in all ProVen Probiotics products are naturally sourced and cultured.